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Today I picked up my sister in law from the airport. She flew in from Maui to see her dad in the hospital and help with his care. He is still in the hospital (in intensive care) from the “steam room incident” of a couple of days ago.

As I put some thought into what I appreciate today, I realized that state of the art technology supports just about everything we do. You should see all the machines that are constantly monitoring my father in law’s condition and care.

So, here are just a few of the ways that technology impacted my life today.

I Appreciate Airplanes

This is a big one for me. When I sold my accounting firm and had a bit more “time on my hands,”
I got my pilot’s license. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Taking off isn’t too difficult. Landing is a totally different story.

Airplanes are Amazing
I picked up my sister in law at the airport today. She flew all the way from Maui!

Today, our family was reunited within a matter of hours when the jumbo jet (actually several jets) whisked my husband’s sister from Maui to the east coast of the United States. And, the pilots of those big planes get a lot of help landing them from the on-board technology.

Airplanes are totally amazing!

I Appreciate My iPad

When I picked her up at the airport, we realized that we needed a few supplies. I opened my iPad and searched for what we needed. Within in a few moments we had addresses and just about any other information that might have been helpful.

My iPad is connected to the internet with 3G wireless. It works pretty much anywhere. It has become a device that we really depend on.

iPads are totally amazing!

I Appreciate the Navigation in My Car

Navigation makes my life so much easier. Seriously!

In 2005, I bought a new car that came with a navigation system. At the time, I thought it was just a toy that I would rarely use. Boy was I wrong.

It did take me a while to incorporate it into my driving ritual but now I wouldn’t be without it. Even if I know where I’m going, I turn it on. It is comforting to have the reminder. “Your exit is on the right in 2 miles.”

Navigation is totally amazing!

Simply put…technology permeates our lives. I am writing this on a computer using a program that someone spent many hours perfecting. Just about everything we do relies on advanced technological systems for support.

What is your favorite technological device? Which technology do you find yourself using regularly throughout your day? Is there a technology that you noticed after reading this that you are finding new or renewed appreciation for?

Please share below and take a moment to complete the sign-up form so you can receive updates or even participate in the Moments of Aware Appreciation Movement.

Appreciation is a powerful tool that helps us create more of what we say we want in our lives. Give it a try and share your experiences.

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