What Makes Life Easier? | A Few Underappreciated Conveniences

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I was sitting at my desk today when I created my list of things I appreciate. So, it’s not surprising that today’s list included some conveniences that make my work life easier. And, when work is easier I’m more productive.  And, when I’m more productive I’m less stressed. Easy is good!

Here are a few of the things I appreciate that make life easier for me.

I Appreciate Mechanical Pencils

I am a CPA (accountant in case you aren’t familiar with the acronym). I’ve been using mechanical pencils for over 35 years. So, they tend to be taken for granted.

Not today! This exercise has me becoming aware of the conveniences I enjoy. And, an ever-sharp pencil is one of them. I can choose the lead I like and can even replace the eraser when it gets worn.

A mechanical pencil is seriously cool!

I Appreciate Wifi

So, what is “wifi?” WiFi, is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. I get the “wi” part but still don’t see the “fi” connection.

Wifi is cool
The convenience of wifi makes life much easier.


Last night the internet from our cable provider was not working. My husband couldn’t understand why the wifi wasn’t working. I had to explain to him that the wifi was working fine but the only thing he really wanted to do with it was reach out to the internet which was not possible.

I imagine I am not alone when I admit that I take wifi for granted.

My technological devices are so “smart” that they switch wifi networks automatically. I come and go from familiar places and without any intervention from me I am kept connected.

Wifi is seriously cool!

I Appreciate Internet Browsers

If you’re reading this, you have relied on an internet browser to pay this visit.

I needed to upgrade my browser last week. It got a bit complicated because my operating system actually required an upgrade as well.  Long story which I won’t bore you with.

So, if you remove the old browser, how do you get to the internet to download the new one?

No, I didn’t do that. But, I became aware that the browser is our “lifeline” to the internet. All that great information that we have access to thanks to the internet browsers.

The internet browser is seriously cool!

These are just of few of the conveniences that make my life easier EVERY day. It’s about time I took a few moments to give them the credit they’re due.

Mechanical pencil, wifi and internet browser…thank you for your service that I have come to rely on.

What conveniences do you take for granted in your life? Once you start noticing them, you’ll find more conveniences to notice. That’s great. Let’s spend some time noticing the good stuff!

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Share your favorite conveniences that you’d like to recognize below.

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