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Today I am noticing and appreciating flaws. Actually, I’m noticing how I focus on the flaw(s) which are typically 10% or less of the experience. Something might be 90+% perfect but I notice the 10%. What’s that about?

So, I choose to see the perfection in it. The 10% or so that is the “beauty mark” is what helps us appreciate even more the 90%.

Consider these examples from my recent experiences.

I Appreciate the New Refrigerator

We finally had our new refrigerator uncrated and moved into place today. It has a “ding” in the door and will be replaced.

Still, I found myself appreciating how nice it is. It has plenty of room. The interior design is much improved. And, it’s quite beautiful…even with its flaw in the door.

I choose to focus on the new refrigerator’s beauty rather than its’ flaw.

Design Flaw
Some might think this artistic expression is a design flaw.

I Appreciate the New Tile

If you think the ding in the refrigerator door is a flaw, you should see the new floor tile and backsplash. Again, 90% gorgeous but there are a number of places where the grout lines are way too big or too small.

Since it’s new, it’s “under the microscope.” Every flaw stands out.

I know that once all the furniture and appliances are in place it will be difficult to see the flaws I know are there. Will I focus on the flaws or the overall new and improved look?

I choose to focus on the new tile’s beauty rather than its’ flaws.

I Appreciate Quiet

I came home tonight and needed some quiet time to work. I retreated to the bedroom where I could be alone.

Initially, I noticed how quiet it was. The contrast from the days’ activities and the restaurant we just returned from was intense.

From the quiet sounds began to emerge.

The sound of the distant television. The sound of the heater. Even the sound of the noise in my head broke the silence.

Would I focus on the disturbances or the more pervasive quiet? I recall a familiar saying. If it is to be, it’s up to me.

I choose to focus on the quiet rather than the flaws of the noises.

It’s pretty easy to focus on what is NOT what we say we want. By consciously shifting our attention and appreciation to what IS good, we find more and more good.

Yes, there is a ding in the new refrigerator door. The grout lines are not perfect in the new tile. And, it’s not totally quiet – ever.

There is so much left to appreciate. It would be a shame to miss the beauty that is right in front of us…just waiting to be noticed.

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What beauty have you noticed beyond the flaws? Can you share an example where you shifted your focus to appreciate the good?

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