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I spent a bit of time reflecting on what was memorable about the year that just came to an end. While I could have taken it in a number of directions, keep in mind that this exercise is about practicing appreciation.

So, as I developed my list I noticed that it includes a number of “firsts.” I’ll share a few with you.

I Appreciate My Coach

I began working with a business coach this year. I have considered this many times but didn’t think I could find someone that would really make a difference for me.

You see, I needed someone with a unique blend of business acumen, internet marketing experience, an understanding of metaphysics and new thought and…the connection that is impossible to distill into words. With Cathy, I found it!

It has been a challenge and a pleasure to work with her. As it should be. I look forward to the insights I am sure to have anytime we get together.

I Appreciate Omega Institute

I lived in Las Vegas for many years (30+). I went to Esalen Institute for the first time in 1991. I could drive to Big Sur, CA from Las Vegas enjoying the time for reflection in both directions.

Omega Institute is in New York. Even after I moved to Nashville, driving to Omega was still out of the question. Still, it was on my “bucket list.” And, this year I was determined to make my way there. I found a weekend workshop that was intriguing and began making plans.

It required planes, trains and automobiles but we enjoyed an awesome first experience at Omega. It will not be my last!

I Appreciate My Raised Desk

This illustration explains why I felt like my hip was “out of whack.”

For a long time (many many months), I had a nagging pain in what I call my hip. Apparently, it was actually a psoas muscle strain. Sitting at my desk aggravated it. My kettle bell workout aggravated it. Even sleeping aggravated it.

I was talking to my sister one day and she mentioned that she raised a section of her desk so that she could stand while she works. We both sit at the computer for many hours every day.

After some research, I determined that I could put a section of my desk on jacks…the same jacks they use for RVs. It was a bit of a project but now I move from sitting to standing throughout my workday. It began relieving the continuing aggravation almost immediately and today I have NO pain in my hip.

I’ve always wondered if it would improve my productivity to stand at my desk. I can say that it has and I actually have the best of both worlds. I sit some and I stand some.

What firsts did you experience recently? How is your life improved?

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