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I’m a bit late with this post. It was my birthday. So, I do have an excuse.

But, sadly, no…I was not celebrating. I spent the majority of the day and evening at the hospital in the midst of a medical emergency.

You see, I love the steam room. Not the sauna…it’s the steam I love. And, my father-in-law is equally enamored with it. The fitness center he frequents in Florida closed their steam room several months ago and he has really missed it.

So, when I was heading to the spa for a steam myself yesterday he was excited to enjoy what we affectionately refer to as “the executive workout.” His son (my husband) was playing tennis with his mother. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

Something went terribly wrong though. We found him a while later unconscious in the steam room. We’re not sure how long he had been in there but his body temperature was dangerously high. He had a heat stroke and is yet to recover consciousness. Only time will tell whether he will recover.

Even in the midst of tragedy there is lots to appreciate. Here goes!

I Appreciate Emergency Medicine

This birthday will not be forgotten.

We hear about how people just “rise to the occasion” in an emergency. In this case, that was not enough. If you didn’t understand heat stroke and what needs to happen quickly, you are wasting precious moments that will ultimately alter the outcome.

The emergency medical personnel…from the paramedics, to the emergency room and now the intensive care unit…know just what to do and are keenly aware of what is happening in the body’s attempt to right itself. I am in awe of their expertise and dedication.

I Appreciate Online Information

In this case, medical information. While the medical staff was very good about updating us on the critical nature of his condition, it would be unrealistic to expect them to stop dealing with their emergencies and educate us on heat stroke.

We quickly turned to our smart phones and tablet for access to information to better understand what was going on and, more importantly, what to expect. I am in awe of the vast amount of really good information that is available to answer just about any question.

I Appreciate the Steam Room

It isn’t the steam room’s fault that this happened. Steam has been used therapeutically for eons. We love the steam room for good reason.

I do have a healthier respect for it now and will be much more likely not to push the limits when I start to overheat. Just like many other therapies we incorporate into our healing protocol, used wisely they are very helpful. Taken to the extreme, they can be deadly.

More is definitely not better. I am in awe of what the steam room can do.

What do you think? Most surreal birthday? Please share your most memorable birthday.

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