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I’m regularly pushing myself and those I work with out of our comfort zone. You know the place. You don’t have to think too much because you know what to expect. Even if it’s not so great.

So, you might find it curious that I would be embracing the comfort zone today. Truth is…we can’t always be pushing our limits. We must fall back and reflect. In order to develop our intuitive guidance, moments of quiet reflection are critical. And, it’s much easier to create quiet when you’re comfortable.

Enjoy your comfort zone knowing that it’s there for you when you need it. Here’s a few examples of the comforts I appreciate today.

I Appreciate Space Heaters

I have a really great Honeywell space heater in my “quiet room” but it is 500 miles away from where I am now. I was really missing it since the one I’ve been using was a distant second in functionality.

After some research online, it didn’t look like I would be able to find the same space heater so I could purchase a second one and would have to give up some features I really like and use. Pleasant surprise. The local Target had my beloved space heater and I am enjoying being the perfect comfortable temperature as I write this.

Space heaters are great because they allow me to make the small area I am occupying as warm as I want it to be without cranking up the heat in the entire house.

Space heaters keep me warm and comfortable. That’s a good thing!

I Appreciate Down Pillows

Comforable Down Pillows
There’s nothing like the comfort of a great down pillow.

There’s nothing quite like a really good down pillow to lay my head on at night. I know what you’re thinking. Is it hypoallergenic? Fortunately, you can find a really good quality down pillow now that will also keep your allergies in check.

I am definitely a pillow person. I use them for sleeping, supporting, decorating…and probably several other ways I’m not recognizing right now. They help me create the comfort I crave.

A foam pillow just doesn’t stand up to the versatility of down. Yes, if you want the pillow to just sit there and look pretty, foam will hold its form better. But, if you want to actually use it to create comfort, down is the ticket!

It will mold to your current position and when you’re done a little fluffing makes it ready for the next comfort experience.

Down pillows caress me with comfort. That’s a good thing!

I Appreciate Chicken and Rice Soup

You may recall that I have been feeling a bit “under the weather” the last few days. So, chicken soup has been on my mind more than usual. Even when I’m not ill, I love a hearty bowl of chicken and rice soup.

When I was a kid, I loved Campbell’s Chicken and Rice Soup. My tastes have “graduated” and I don’t eat much from a can anymore but I still crave the soup. It’s comfort food.

Few restaurants make chicken and rice soup. When I am fortunate enough to find it, I have to try it. Panera Bread’s is pretty good. I’m still trying to memorize the days they serve it. It’s definitely not Friday!

When I’m feeling really ambitious in the kitchen (rarely and definitely not now), I make Turkey and Rice soup from scratch. We actually call it Stewp because it’s pretty thick. Yum! I wish there was a big pot of it on the stove right now.

Chicken and Rice soup nourishes and comforts me. That’s a good thing!

Let’s enjoy the comfort zone today and see what inspiration is there for us. Being comfortable is a good thing!

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What makes you comfortable? Please share.

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