Using Biofield Technology for Energy Healing

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Bioenergetics and Accessing the Human Biofield

Human Biofield Energy System

First, accepting that there is a technology that provides a way to tap into this energy field requires an open mind and a suspension of long-held beliefs for most people … especially those who have placed their faith in mainstream science. As a result, the approach I use might not be the path of least resistance for everyone. But, for those who have been failed by mainstream science and are willing to open their minds, the option might be welcomed with open arms.

Dr. Gala’s Quick Take

Yes, biofield technology can be used for energy healing by manipulating the body’s energy field to promote balance and well-being. It involves devices or techniques that influence the electromagnetic field around the body to enhance health and healing processes.

“We have had the ability to build the detectors that would tell us that the Divine Matrix (or the ether, web of creation, or whatever we choose to call it) exists. It may be more accurate to say that the greatest stumbling block to our discovery of the Divine Matrix has been the reluctance of mainstream science to acknowledge that it’s there.”

In the last few decades, there has been a grassroots group of scientists that are progressing these leading-edge concepts. Laboratories all over the world have been studying this energetic field and have made discoveries that should be lighting up mainstream media and incorporated into mainstream science. Unfortunately, if it’s not what fits into the current view of mainstream ‘science,’ it’s not likely to make the evening news.

And, in Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Field, she writes …

Most of the scientists had been young men when they made their discoveries, and before they embarked on what turned out to be life-long detours they had been highly respected, even revered. Now they were approaching retirement age, and among the wider scientific community most of their work still had never seen the light of day. They were all Christopher Columbus and nobody believed what they’d return to tell. The bulk of the scientific community ignored them, continuing to grip tightly to the notion that the earth was flat. … Every so often Robert Jahn would submit a paper with unimpeachable statistical evidence to an engineering journal, and they would dismiss it out of hand. Not for the science, but for its shattering implications about the current scientific world view.

By following the trails left by scientists who have committed their lives and careers to progressing the field of quantum physics, we can develop enough of an understanding of the human energy field to ease the troubled mind when faced with evidence that doesn’t corroborate the currently held beliefs. This trail includes evidence that has often been accumulated with technology designed for intricate and accurate measurement. It’s this technology that underlies bioenergetics and is what I find so useful when I work with patients. I’ll share some of the scientific insights that will help you understand how biofield scans work and can help you optimize health and well-being.

Quantum Physics Applied to Health

A significant number of people seek help for health issues that mainstream medicine can’t or won’t explain. We are bombarded with energetic frequencies that disturb the body’s homeostasis and cell signaling. These frequencies are invisible and impossible to detect without appropriate measuring devices.

In 1978, Yu. N. Achkasova and her colleagues at the Crimean Medical Institute in Simferopol published their research related to the effect of extremely low frequency (ELF). They found that ELF pollution (like that used in wireless and cellular technology) stimulated the growth of bacteria and increased resistance to antibiotics. In an experiment with mice, they found that 20% of the normal amount of bacteria required to kill the animal was required with the ELF exposure. So, it’s critical to identify the disruptors of our energy field and counter them as quickly as possible. These energy disruptors are most likely at the root of the decline in immunocompetence.

So, the medical professional and the patient should be motivated to find information and insight that will solve these mysteries related to health and wellness. Why isn’t that happening?  

For those who insist that bioenergetic scanning would be readily available if it really improved outcomes, acknowledging the equivalent of an elephant standing in the middle of a room might be met with less resistance. We don’t want to believe that technology is withheld that would lead to less costly and invasive treatment. The evidence has to mount, becoming impossible to ignore, before beliefs and opinions change.

How Bioenergetic Scanning Works

Bioenergetic scanning provides information, insight, and feedback which can be used for the modification and improvement of treatment recommendations. That begs the question, “How does it work and where does the information come from?”

To answer these questions requires the open mind that was discussed previously. It’s advanced science … quantum physics. 

At the root of many scientific calculations are equations that were created to eliminate the effect of energy that couldn’t otherwise be explained. This ‘Zero Point Field (ZPF)’ of energy, could be thought of as the universe’s supercomputer … or God, depending on your individual belief system.

When human eyes are closed, it becomes evident that there is something at work keeping all bodily functions and systems operational. Breathing and blood circulation are examples that are not dependent on any conscious action. 

Hal Puthoff, a parapsychologist and an electrical engineer, published a paper in Speculations in Science and Technology in 1990 related to energy research stating, “the ZPF interaction constitutes an underlying, stable ‘bottom rung’ vacuum state in which further ZPF interaction simply reproduces the existing state on a dynamic-equilibrium basis.”

This is scientist ‘speak.’ In essence, the ZPF underlies all life. It manages the communication that every cell depends on.

How Acupuncture Works

I’m an acupuncturist. One of the questions I am often asked is, “How does acupuncture work?” 

Fritz Albert-Popp, a well-known researcher in the field of biophysics … specifically biophotons, thought that electromagnetic molecular signaling might explain acupuncture. The invisible energy or ‘qi’ that flows through the body provides life force. When this energy is blocked, illness occurs. Scientific studies show that many acupuncture points on the body have dramatically decreased electrical resistance compared with points on the surrounding skin. These points can be thought of as portals or points where the ZPF is more accessible.

In Robert Becker’s book, the Body Electric, he writes …

“Any current grows weaker with distance, due to resistance along the transmission cable. The smaller the amperage and voltage, the faster the current dies out. Electrical engineers solve this problem by building booster amplifiers every so often along a power line to get the signal back up to strength. For currents measured in nanoamperes and microvolts, the amplifiers would have to be no more than a few inches apart – just like acupuncture points! I envisioned hundreds of little DC generators like dark stars sending their electricity along the meridians, an interior galaxy that the Chinese had somehow found and explored by trial and error over two thousand years ago.”

The acupuncture system can be thought of as electrical wiring that runs through fibrous tissue in the human body. The fibrous tissue is the least resistant allowing the free flow of electrons.

Harold Saxton Burr of Yale University was an editor of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine which provided an outlet for reports on his work when few other journals would have accepted it. He was researching the electrical fields of all sorts of organisms. By checking the voltage between head and hand, for example, he found that what he referred to as the field of life or L-field could reveal latent illness.

In Jerry Tennant’s book, Healing is Voltage, he writes …

“Almost all chronic diseases are characterized by low voltage. … Check the voltages in the wiring system of the body (the acupuncture system) and you will be on your way to finding the problem and its solution.”

How the Human Body Heals

Our bodies heal through a process of regeneration. It takes somewhere between a day and a year to regenerate a structure, organ, or system in the body. The body is designed to do this but, just like our car won’t run unless it is provided with the appropriate fuel to energize equipment designed for a specific purpose, the body won’t regenerate without the raw materials and equipment required to make new cells.

Tennant goes on to say, 

“A key to Energetic Medicine is the understanding that each cell is designed to run at a specific voltage and frequency. Generally speaking, disease is caused when cells have too little voltage and are running on too low a frequency.”

Accessing the Human Biofield

Once the existence of the human energetic field … what I refer to as the biofield … is an accepted truth, establishing two-way communication with it presents a different challenge. Fortunately, the challenge has already been met.

In the mid-1980s, Walter Schempp, a mathematics professor in Germany began thinking that the principles of his research could be applied to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). He believed that it would be relatively simple to make much sharper images greatly improving the way MRI technology could be used.

At the time, he was 50 with a fairly young family. He made the decision to study medicine, biology, and radiology to become trained as a doctor so that he was qualified to use the equipment himself. He went on to become the world authority on the machine and functional MRI cutting the time required for the patient to sit still from 4 hours to 20 minutes. 

Schempp discovered that all sorts of information about objects are carried in the quantum fluctuations of the ZPF. That information is what was recovered and reassembled into three-dimensional images. 

It has been suggested that the human body can be compared to a DC battery. The ability to monitor the level of a battery charge is widely accepted. It is clearly displayed on many devices that rely on a battery to operate.

Why then is it considered blasphemy to accept that evaluating the human battery is possible? We’ve already established several reasons why this might happen. Since we’re approaching the idea of bioenergetics with an open mind, let’s consider how the human battery might be evaluated.

Rutger Wever, a renowned German scientist, made important discoveries in the study of our body’s internal clock. He performed experiments with humans and their interaction with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

It has been researched and documented that the underlying resonating frequency is around 10 hertz. This frequency maintains communication with the pineal gland … keeping our bodies and internal systems aligned or in sync with circadian rhythms.

In Carol McMakin’s book, Resonance Effect, she writes …

All matter is held together by electrochemical bonds, and every bond resonates at a specific frequency. That’s physics. Every cell membrane receptor has bonds that will only resonate to specific signals. That’s bio-physics. … The signal from a frequency can change cell receptor function better than a medication. … It’s not magic. It’s not a placebo effect. It’s physics. It is the physics of resonance.”

This concept of resonant frequencies isn’t new. Harry Van Gelder, a forerunner in applying the Field Theory approach to diagnose and treat diseases, brought a machine made in 1922 into his osteopath practice in 1946. The machine used frequencies to reverse dis-ease that rely on a process from physics known as destructive interference. The process depended on the entire human body being an interconnected system. A problem in one part of the system could create problems elsewhere resulting in various forms of dis-ease.

Doctors use resonant frequencies, or what is now referred to as constructive interference mechanics, by sending focused energy waves into kidney stones causing them to explode and dissolve. This is an example of modern medicine harnessing quantum physics. Physicians must accept that the stones are vibrating at a certain frequency in order to introduce a harmonic frequency intended to destroy them. Just as a skilled vocalist holds a certain note that emits a specific frequency shattering a crystal goblet, the kidney stones are shattered only when they are introduced to the correct resonating frequency.

Everything has a unique frequency and an energetic signature. In the 1970s, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist and physician, became renowned for inventing auriculotherapy and for discovering normal resonance or vibratory patterns that correspond to particles of matter. This is recognized and in widespread use today. In order to identify the frequency, it had to be accessed and measured. Scientists who have made a lifelong study out of this work have reached a point where the information is reliable and fairly easy to replicate.

Albert Einstein was definitely onto something. Quantum physicists discovered that every molecule, or assembly of atoms, radiates its own unique energy pattern. Every structure in the universe, humans included, emits an energy signature that was recognized by Einstein. Energy and matter are a dynamic whole.

Bioenergetic scanning systems combine technology to access and measure an individual’s ZPF with an extensive database of resonant frequencies. Each of these systems has a proprietary way of evaluating the state of the ZPF and has developed methods for providing information about the current state along with suggestions to restore homeostasis. 

And, the individual doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the system. They can be worlds apart.

In Rupert Sheldrake’s book, Morphic Resonance, he writes …

“According to quantum theory, systems that were part of the same system in the past remain linked, even when miles apart, such that a change in one is immediately accompanied by a change in the other, a phenomenon that Albert Einstein described as ‘spooky action at a distance.’”

By the turn of the century, Professor Jacques Benveniste along with his team of biologists at DigiBio was busy filing for patents. Their digital biology had proven that physical samples of toxic substances or pathogens weren’t required for diagnostic purposes. They didn’t need the molecule itself – just its signal or frequency. They became nearly perfect at detecting E. coli and getting rid of it just by playing at an unfriendly frequency.

This is not much different from what Rife was doing with his research and technology in the 1930s. Yet when applied to agriculture, which didn’t threaten the medical establishment, they were successful in patenting it. 

Using Biofield Scanning to Improve Health

If people were quickly and easily restoring health with the approach most often turned to today, bioenergetic scanning would not be necessary. It might provide some interesting insight but only those that regularly find themselves on the leading edge of technology, like me, would be interested in it. 

Sadly, many are not quickly and easily restoring health. The treatment protocols suggested along with the methods used often do more harm than good. This makes outcomes unacceptably unreliable.

Why is this so prevalent? Creating acceptable outcomes reliably requires that all parties involved do their part … sometimes as if their life depended on it. 

As an acupuncturist, I’m trained to rely on the tongue, and other physical signs, to help differentiate cases and develop a treatment protocol. Given three different patients seeking treatment with similar chief complaints and symptoms, an examination of the tongue is likely to suggest different underlying causes. This informs the treatment protocol.

Often acupuncturists in Western countries skip this component of the examination process since it is time-consuming and seems odd to patients. It’s tempting to think that they can recognize the signs and symptoms that are similar to previous cases to arrive at a treatment protocol more efficiently.

Regardless of the practitioner’s experience or training, it’s often still a guessing game. It could take many visits to find the combination that unlocks or unblocks the healing process. 

Even if all the questions are asked and answered … even if a thorough examination is done … even if the quiet voice is heard, there might be another impediment that is a barrier to arriving at a treatment protocol that is successful. The dis-ease might be due to an underlying cause which has to be addressed to improve or cure the symptoms. 


Using Biofield Scanning to Resolve the Root Cause of Health Issues

Figuring out what the underlying cause is can require a game of trial and error often relying on a combination of experience and intuition. This has been admitted to by many competent practitioners.

For example, if a person has a skin eruption, there is generally an underlying cause for this. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is one of the main pathways for detoxification. If other pathways for detoxification have become ‘clogged,’ the body may have used the skin as a way to expel toxins that would cause more damage if they were allowed to remain inside the body. The body often expels these toxins in the form of blisters or eruptions.

If a person seeks health care for a skin condition, that’s not the problem. There are several problems that must be addressed before the skin condition is likely to clear up … starting with communication and education from the practitioner. 

The person seeking care just wants their chief complaint (in this case skin issues) addressed. Western medicine’s answer is commonly, “Use this medication.” Alternative practitioners know this approach will create more severe problems in the future.

Western medications intentionally disrupt energy flow in the body to mitigate a perceived malfunction. The signaling that has been discussed here is an intricate web of communication that isn’t fully understood. This is why many medications cause unwanted side effects. 

In Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, he writes …

“The flow of information in a quantum universe is holistic. Cellular constituents are woven into a complex web of crosstalk, feedback, and feedforward communication loops. A biological dysfunction may arise from a miscommunication along any of the routes of information flow. To adjust the chemistry of this complicated interactive system requires a lot more understanding than just adjusting one of the information pathway’s components with a drug.”

It’s important to take a body/mind/soul approach to health and wellness if the goal is to address the root cause of dis-ease. Western science focuses on the body leaving the causes of the majority of dis-ease untreated. 

Emotional Causes of Health Issues

In 1946, Dr. Caroline Bedell at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine gave students personality tests to create a psychological profile that could be used and studied over a long period of time. A high risk of developing cancer was correlated with certain feelings and personality traits. The most telling was an inability to recover from a traumatic event. If depression persisted after the event, the person typically developed cancer within a year or two.

So, the goal is to provide symptom relief quickly along with establishing a treatment protocol that will address the underlying cause long-term. And, to do this in a way that provides regular positive feedback in the form of tangible results. 

Bioenergetic scanning supports this goal by helping me ask the right questions, sorting through the possible causes, identifying a treatment protocol with a high likelihood of success, and providing an easy and cost-effective way to provide positive feedback. 

A bioenergetic scan provides a place to start that relies less on trial and error.  It accelerates healing by lighting up the path of least resistance.

Using Bioenergetics Scanning to Promote Wellness

Any innovation is contemplated to create improvement. Using bioenergetic scanning is no different. If the goal of using technology is to create improved outcomes, what would that consist of?

First, rather than managing symptoms with long-term use of medication, the person’s health would be fully restored. Some may have been experiencing dis-ease for so long that they can’t recall what it felt like to be healthy. So, it’s important to use some form of ongoing evaluation to record progress and improvement.

When asked, it isn’t uncommon to hear someone say that they haven’t seen much improvement. With some deeper questioning, they may share quite a few signs that clearly show that treatment is working and progress is being made.

Many who would seek an alternative to mainstream health care have become disheartened by the health care system. They may have been told their condition is hopeless or worse … that it is their imagination. Providing some new information and insight can lead to a feeling of empowerment. 

Restoring hope is invaluable!

That renewed hope may also be accompanied by resources that haven’t existed for an extended period of time. If someone has been consumed with concern about their health, a bit of relief will go a long way towards relieving stress, fatigue, and insomnia. Improving outcomes includes renewed and restored energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and hope.

The improvements should also be sustainable and long-lasting. This requires resilience. In order to continue with their commitment to treatment which is likely to be necessary to realize ongoing measurable improvements one … two … three or more years in the future personal resources will be required. For chronic conditions, ongoing treatment and support over an extended period of time is likely to be required. But, rather than focusing on managing symptoms, resources are allocated towards real improvement. Moving from weekly or monthly to less frequent visits is not just possible … but probable.

It’s important to set realistic expectations and prescribe a treatment protocol that is likely to be successful. If one of the goals is to reach the point where quarterly, or even annual, maintenance is sufficient, what treatment is needed to reach that point? It could take three to six months (or longer) to reverse chronic health issues. For some part of that period, frequent treatment (possibly daily) might be required.

Technology helps me provide education about the process of deep systemic healing. Dis-ease is created slowly. Likewise, healing is often a similarly slow process. Signs of improvement may be subtle and not easy to recognize. Education will help to reinforce the need to set realistic expectations to offset frustration when improvement is slow or plateaus. This can provide the motivation to stick with the program.

Addressing Specific Health Issues with the Biofield Scan

Bioenergetic scans access and evaluate the current state of the energy field of the body. The scan results can provide insight and information to guide questions. Bioenergetic scanning is not intended to be the only method used to gather information and insight to inform the assessment. 

Let’s use a chief complaint of insomnia as an example. If the person is having difficulty sleeping, there are countless reasons why this might be happening. Those that sleep soundly and reliably take it for granted. But for the millions that don’t, it’s difficult to imagine feeling better until sound sleep is restored. 

insomnia due to energetic disturbanceAs of 2014, it was estimated that 35.2% of adults suffered from short sleep. Those who are sleep-deprived are more likely to be obese, smoke, and suffer from other chronic health conditions. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017) 

In order to consistently and soundly sleep for 7 to 9 hours, there are many systems in the body that must be functioning properly. Falling asleep and staying asleep, even for one night, can seem like a miraculous event for those who struggle with insomnia. 

A bioenergetic scan can provide some insight into the person’s underlying root cause(s) of insomnia. The ‘prescription’ is likely to include a balancing frequency along with lifestyle changes. If the protocol is implemented, long-term significant improvement can be expected.

On occasion, a bioenergetic scan produces information that causes the practitioner to suggest an evaluation from a mainstream medical doctor. This would typically include other tests, possibly invasive, that might corroborate the information from the bioenergetic scan or lead to a formal diagnosis. 

It should be noted that unless bioenergetic scanning is used by a medical professional trained and licensed to diagnose medical conditions, a formal diagnosis is NEVER provided. The information and insight offered by the scan are used to restore balanced energy that naturally leads to healing and restored health. It is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. 

The Biofield’s Qi Management System

Bioenergetic scanning accesses the individual’s expression of the ZPF. This ZPF is what oriental medicine refers to as ‘qi.’ Oriental medicine relies on the acupuncture meridians to manage and guide this invisible force. It is the wiring and energy system of the body. 

The body is essentially a piezoelectric battery designed to maintain its charge. Along the acupuncture meridians are points that act as portals to the body’s energetic field. In the case of dis-ease, it’s typically due to a malfunction in the body’s electrical system. There is a short-circuit somewhere in the wires! To eliminate dis-ease, the energy must flow unimpeded.

Biofield Technology for Energy HealingIn 1924, Willem Einthoven, a Dutch medical doctor and physiologist credited with creating the first functional electrocardiograph in 1895, received a Nobel Prize for his discoveries related to recording heart electricity with a very sensitive galvanometer. At the time, it was thought that the heart produced a very weak field that was difficult to measure. Due to technological progress with the measuring devices, it’s now known that the heart emits a relatively strong signal vs. other organs. As the research progressed, it was determined that measurement of biomagnetic fields is more informative when evaluating what’s going on inside the body than points on the skin’s surface – such as acupuncture points.   

Bioenergetic scanning can identify the blockages and make suggestions for the easiest and least invasive way to clear them. The body knows what it needs and just needs a way to communicate it.

Communicating with the Human Biofield

For example, a bioenergetic scan produced information indicating that emotional disturbances were causing blockages that were at the root of dis-ease. The scan indicated that the person was experiencing dis-ease in part due to an unresolved issue with her son.

Since the information provided during intake was minimal, I had no previous knowledge of this information. In fact, I didn’t even know there was a son. When the information produced by the scan was shared with her, she became teary and said her relationship with her son was a significant source of sadness and disharmony. 

Based on the other information produced in the scan, it was clear that this situation must be addressed to relieve the state of dis-ease. It might be said that ‘it was literally eating her up from the inside out.’ 

Professional counseling was indicated and suggested. She shared that she had a counselor but this tender issue was not getting any attention. Future counseling sessions focusing on helping her come to acceptance related to her son would relieve the energy blockage and prove valuable.

This was an interesting example of what type of information a bioenergetic scan might produce. More often, a scan will recommend raw building blocks or nutraceuticals to support the bones, blood, hormones, neurotransmitters, or other bodily systems. The scan may even recommend a specific product that, during the scan, produced the most resonance for restoring energy flow and balance.

In another example, a scan recommended a capsule form of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to address an energetic imbalance. The person scanned opted to use the liquid ACV he already had at his home. After a few days, he reported heartburn and indigestion wondering if the ACV was causing it. It is likely that his system communicated with the scanning equipment what it knew. Ingesting liquid ACV was too acidic for his already disturbed digestive tract. The capsules would easily pass straight to the stomach. If he had accepted the recommendation from the scan, he may have avoided this unpleasant abnormal reaction while still realizing the benefits of supplementation.


How Biofield Scanning Informs Recommendation

A bioenergetic scan introduces individual frequencies that are associated with a specific remedy. Each bioenergetic scanning system uses its own proprietary process but generally recommends a list of suggested substances or other treatments to restore homeostasis and/or balanced energy. 

In some cases, the physical remedy is suggested or required. This is what happened in the ACV example previously discussed. Ingesting the physical substance is typically supported by administering the energetic frequency of the remedy. Since the body’s energetic field is out of balance, the remedy may have a difficult time finding its way to the appropriate structure without a bit of help guiding it to where it should resonate.  

In Keith Scott-Mumby’s book, Virtual Medicine, he writes …

“We can also administer homeopathically-potentized support signals of substances like essential fatty acids, vitamins or minerals. This is not the same as supplementation … often the process of uptake and utilization of such nutrient substances is enhanced by the signal ‘in the etheric’! If the body meets with something with which it resonates, a new level of energy can be created.”

With homeopathic remedies, sometimes referred to as infoceuticals, the underlying energetic frequency might be boosted by a custom overlay imprint that is specifically designed to meet the imbalances identified by the scan. In the case where the body simply needs a reminder signal to restore balance, this remedy will get the job done.

As mentioned previously, a body/mind/soul approach is suggested and supported by the scanning process. Homeopathy, supplementation, talk therapy along with other adjunctive therapies might be suggested and incorporated into a treatment plan. Since mainstream medicine isn’t likely to suggest any of these when developing a treatment protocol, this is truly an alternative and complementary approach to health care.

The Case for Biofield Scanning to Improve Health

People will find their way to bioenergetic scanning for countless reasons. Many will be struggling with a chronic illness that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage with treatment options offered by mainstream medicine. Some will seek a scan for wellness purposes intrigued by the science behind it … having already been convinced that alternative medicine works best for them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The first wealth is health.” Chuck Pagano added, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

The scan often produces a fairly short list of recommendations for products and supplementation. It isn’t uncommon to hear, “Is that it? I’m spending hundreds of dollars each month on supplements that I’m not even sure are helping.” People are self-medicating with supplements, often the latest/greatest thing being promoted, that might be doing more harm than good … creating toxicity in an already stressed system. So, these supplements are not just a waste of money.

Ultimately, the idea is to eliminate any supplements that are not necessary to restore or preserve homeostasis. Less is more! Certainly due to the inadequacies with respect to the nutrient content of our food supply, a high-quality multivitamin along with a couple of other ‘staples’ help to establish a foundation of health. Anything else should be ingested as a targeted treatment based on what the body suggests is in need of support through the scan. 

Bioenergetic scanning technology is a preferable way to approach assessment for arriving at treatment recommendations. But, there are other ‘lower tech’ ways to communicate with the ZPF.

I sought treatment from a chiropractor after an automobile accident in the late 1990s. While chiropractic treatment was received sporadically over the previous 15 years due to a scoliosis diagnosis, this was the first chiropractic experience where the practitioner started by ordering blood tests to identify areas of systemic weakness.

In subsequent office visits, the chiropractor used kinesiology to determine what supplementation was suggested based on the current status. Any supplement prescribed was limited to several weeks of use at a therapeutic dose. This might be several times what was listed on the label. 

With this approach, most supplements were eliminated opting for ingesting only what was specifically tested for at the time. This chiropractor was highly skilled with his use of kinesiology and found that it worked best if he had his assistant involved as a surrogate for muscle testing. So, the process not only relied on skill and experience, it also required two people and quite a bit of time. 

This made for a somewhat costly and time-consuming experience for his patients. Still, he had a great reputation and a very busy practice due to his ability to improve outcomes. Health is priceless!

Biofield Scanning Accelerates Results

Many people have come to the conclusion that their case is hopeless after visiting a myriad of practitioners who have ordered and interpreted countless tests. For these people, the costs are staggering even if they have good insurance.

Providing hope and a path to healing for these people is what motivates me to look for tools that offer information and insight that reach beyond what is available with traditional methods of assessment and testing. 

If bioenergetic scanning can produce information that was not otherwise accessible leading to improved outcomes, it’s worthy of consideration … even for the skeptics.

And, from Becker’s book, the Body Electric …

“The sensitivity of our instruments may someday develop to the point where we can tune into bio magnetic fields on select frequencies, thus experimenting as directly with extra sensory perception (ESP) as we do now with radio.”

Someday is today!

“If you came into my office, I’d ask you a lot of questions that would help us connect the dots … so that together we can deal with your toxic stress. Every situation is unique and you need a plan that works for you. Not a one-size-fits-all solution.

If you’re thinking you can’t come into my office, don’t worry. I’ve put all of my initial questions together in a quiz.

So if you’re thinking that managing chronic stress just isn’t possible … or even the answer … for you, I want to show you what you may be missing. And how you can identify the toxic stressors that are creating your symptoms with my free quiz. You can get started HERE.” – Dr. Gala

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