Restore Your Super Powers

The NEW Approach to Reverse the Effects of Chronic Stress  ...

If You're a High Achieving "Super Woman" Struggling with ...

Chronic Headaches, 😴 Sleep Disturbance, Digestion Issues, 🥱 Fatigue, Weight (and Fat) Gain, 🦠 Autoimmune Conditions ... 

  • ... and Any Other ❓ Mysterious Health Problem

This 75-Minute Workshop Reveals Highly Effective Strategies

"AHA Moments" Will Fill Your Note Pad. You’ll Learn ...

Why So Many Women Are Feeling Drained and Chronically Tired ... Even After Sleeping Well
How Widely Used Remedies Are Making It Harder to Solve the Problem ... And What to Use Instead
When Typical Approaches to Boost Energy Backfire ... Wasting Time and Energy
3 Potentially Harmful (Even Toxic) Things Most Women Consume ... Including Easy Swaps to Make
5 Common Symptoms That Point to the Root Cause ... Along with a Great Takeaway Resource to Use
The Highly Effective Approach to Nutrition That Solves Many Problems ... Saving Time and Money

Restoring your super powers is mission critical if you want to maintain your "Super Woman" status. The takeaways and insights from this workshop will show you how to feel your best and avoid serious health issues too.

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Dr. Gala Gorman


I'm an acupuncturist, naturopath and author of the recently released book, "What's Your Kryptonite?" ... Manage the Toxic Stressors Threatening Your "Super Woman" Status.

I help women reverse the effects of chronic stress by identifying their unique toxic stressors. That's what must be managed to prevent disease, restore energy and enthusiastically enjoy life.

Patients become an advocate for their own health and well-being. Together, we develop a customized plan blending the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine, bio-botanical medicine and state-of-the-art technology (based on bio-energetics and quantum physics) to optimize health, naturally.

They might say it "tongue in cheek," but it's not much of a surprise that many think of themselves as "Super Woman." If the daily "To Do List" really included everything that MUST be done, it would be obvious that no mere mortal would be up to it.

Over-achieving "super women" know their energy is draining and something needs to be done to reverse course. They need to identify their Kryptonite and neutralize it! 

In this powerful game-changing workshop, "super women" will discover why what they've been doing hasn't worked and what's sabotaging their current efforts. 

The Workshop is FREE for a limited time.

Restore Your Super Powers