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Media Appearances

This is a library of published shows from guest appearances. If you're interested in having me as a guest for your show or as a speaker for your event, please use the Contact form

EP: Healing Stress From Within - Your Best Day Yet

Host Eric Guy with special guest Dr. Gala Gorman. 

EP: Unmasking Toxic Stress for a Longer & Health

Host Diane Gilman, delves into the critical topic of toxic stress with special guest Dr. Gala Gorman. Dr Gala discusses the nuances of how women uniquely experience and navigate stress, and shares insights into mitigating its toxic effects on your health.

EP: Taking Charge of Your Health: Be your own Primary care person

This week I am joined by Dr Gala Gorman, who has a doctorate in Metaphysical Science, and is a certified Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Author. We discuss toxic stress, how to combat it, and she talks about her book, 'What's Your Kryptonite', and how it can help you to identify if and when stress is becoming toxic.

Holistic Approach with Dr. Gala Gorman

Dr. Gala Gorman went from being a CPA to an acupuncturist and naturopath, which led to a mission of helping women navigate their health challenges and avoid common pitfalls. The conversation covers the interconnected nature of the body's energy channels, the essential of being a health advocate, and the importance of addressing toxic stressors that can undermine well-being.

The Power of Harmony: Managing Stress for Women with Gala Gorman

Hey there! Welcome to another episode of the Efficiency Bitch Podcast. Today, we’re talking with the wonderful Dr. Gala Gorman to delve into a topic close to every woman's heart: managing stress and finding harmony in our lives. We dive deep into the effects of stress on our bodies and share practical tips and insights for natural healing. This episode is all about self-care and balance, offering valuable guidance to busy women like you who are looking to reduce stress and maintain overall well-being.

Ep. 165 - Dr. Gala Gorman - Unchartered Discussions

The conversation with Dr. Gala Gorman continues to unchartered waters… Exploring the path of being an empowered superwoman without being overwhelmed. Explaining how to overcome your common kryptonite and incorporate healthy food habits into your daily life.

What’s Your Kryptonite

As a midlife woman you’re probably experiencing stress and trying to find work-life balance. Maybe you’re caring for kids and aging parents as you manage your own midlife health. To add gas to the stress fire, there’s perimenopause which can leave you exhausted and irritable.

Inspiration From the Soul and the Natural Journey to Vitality with Terry Tucker and Dr Gala Gorman

I’m your Host Brittani Starr, and joining us today is Terry Tucker, a motivational speaker, author, and an unwavering beacon of resilience. Terry’s remarkable journey through various roles – from being a Division I college basketball player to a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, a cancer warrior, and now an acclaimed author – he embodies the essence of triumph over adversity.

Chat with Charlie - Author Dr. Gala Gorman

We continue the positivity and holistic option discussion this week as we welcome Dr. Gala Gorman, she is a licensed Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and Author who offers practical advice and programs to reverse health issues resulting from chronic stress.

How Much STRESS is too Much?

The need for wellness and balance is clear. As women, we benefit from the exhilaration of stress for parenting, business efficiency and well-being, but we must recognize and avoid the excessive stress that wastes our human potential.

Primary Care Person: If you don’t care for yourself who will?

I am joined by Dr. Gala Gorman on this episode of The Mental Society.
Dr. Gala holds advanced degrees in human development and is a holistic life coach, minister, and published author of the Spiritual Approach™ series of books focused on practical spirituality.

Are you a super woman? Are you a juggling act?

Dis-Ease vs. Disease. Stress is to illness as prevention is to cure. Today I interview Dr. Gala Gorman. We explore the idea of how dis-ease in our bodies can go ignored until it becomes disease. We discuss the effects of stress and how to tackle signs of dis-ease. We discuss being proactive not reactive in our wellness.