Restore Your Super Powers

3 Mistakes That Create Toxic Stress and
Threaten Your "Super Woman" Status

Date and time:

October 5, 2022

12:00 PM Eastern Time


You missed out!

You have lots of people depending on you to maintain your “super powers.” I refer to those people as your "stakeholders."

If you ...

 - are feeling chronically tired

 - regularly experience stress that escalates to anxiety

 - have symptoms that are causing concern

... it points to toxic stress!

If you don’t prioritize dealing with this now, you may end up with a spontaneous reboot. For many women, that is some unwanted illness ... from a common cold to a disease diagnosis.

You can reverse course easily with an intentional or planned reboot. This masterclass makes it easy.

What You’ll Learn

In an hour, you'll understand what's really draining your energy and

"super powers." With this insight, you can develop a plan to manage your unique toxic stressors.

The #1 reason you’re often tired and don’t have the energy you once had
The biggest mistake “super women” make to deal with chronic pain, indigestion, headaches and other unwanted symptoms
How to reverse chronic physical pain and other symptoms before it’s too late and you’re forced to “drop the balls you’re juggling”

Your guide

Dr. Gala Gorman


I'm an acupuncturist, naturopath and author of the soon to be released book, "What's Your Kryptonite?" ... Manage the Toxic Stressors Threatening Your "Super Woman" Status

I help women reverse the effects of chronic stress by identifying their unique toxic stressors. That's what must be managed to prevent disease, restore energy and enthusiastically enjoy life.

Patients become an advocate for their own health and well-being. Together, we develop a customized plan blending the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine, bio-botanical medicine and state-of-the-art technology (based on bio-energetics and quantum physics) to optimize health, naturally.